Poster Submission Details

The poster should have the following dimensions, width 90cm and length 150cm

The headings of the posters are not limited to but should include:

  • Introduction (Background of the topic, research problem, research gap and why you want to do it?)
  • Research question with objectives of the research
  • Methodology:
  • Research Design:
  • Method: (site , sample size , sampling technique , inclusion and exclusion criteria , data collection technique)
  • Results:
  • Discussion: ( Comparing your results with the studies done in literature , critically reviewing the way these studies were done and how different is your methodology and method and what have you found in your study )
  • Conclusion:
  • Impact of your study
  • Limitations :
  • Way Forward :
  • References in APA style

Kindly bring the printed poster of the above-mentioned dimensions to the courtyard at 8am on your assigned day for poster presentation.