The International Conference on Health Professions Education (ICHPE) is one of the premier conferences in the field of Medical Education, hosted in Pakistan by the University of Lahore (UOL). In August 2014, the first ICHPE conference was held in Lahore, the theme of the conference was “Health Professions Education: The Change Imperative”.


The second ICHPE conference was held after a hiatus of four years, under the theme “Emerging Trends in 21st Century” and was heralded as one of the best Medical Education conferences of that year in Pakistan. The following year the third ICHPE conference was hosted by UOL. The theme of the conference was: Student-Centered Education: Missing Piece in the Preceptor’s Belief ” and for the second year in a row the conference garnered unbounded praise and appreciation, not just in Pakistan but also from the international participants as well.

The fourth ICHPE was hosted by UCMD on 22nd October 2020, in collaboration with the University of Lahore, and the Society of Medical Educationists (SOME). The conference was supported by IFMSA and AMEE. This year due to the coronavirus pandemic the conference was held virtually. The main conference day was preceded by two pre-conference days, on 17th October and 21st October 2020. A total of 15 pre-conference workshops were facilitated by national and international speakers. The main conference day was a highly attended event with 1000 conference attendees joining through the main Zoom link while countless others watched the sessions live on Facebook. The conference was also streamed live in the Medical Colleges across Pakistan. The conference hosted 12 international speakers and 14 national speakers who took part in conference proceedings. The rich scientific program included 2 plenary sessions, 2 symposia, and panel discussions.


The 5th International Conference was held from 29th Oct – 3rd Nov 2021. The theme was “TechMed: Changing the landscape of Medical Education through technology Enhanced Learning”.  The conference was honored by the 18 international & 14 national speakers, a total of 20 pre-conference workshops were facilitated by international & national speakers, the rich scientific program included 2 plenary sessions, 2 symposia, student session, and panel discussion.

The University of Lahore organized its 6th ICHPE on 2nd & 3rd Nov-2022. The conference was conducted on Campus at the University of Lahore in Lahore, Pakistan. The theme of the conference was “Building a Resilient Education System”. There were 400 registered participants and 200 guests from around the globe. Twenty-five national medical colleges took part from across Pakistan. There were 15 Internationals and 19 Nationals Speakers and 36 scientific workshops were held across the Pakistan.

The 7th International Conference on Health Professions Education, held at the University of Lahore from November 2nd to 3rd, 2023, marked a significant milestone in fostering global collaboration. Drawing over 1000 participants from diverse countries and cities in Pakistan, this annual event surpassed all expectations.

The 2023 conference theme was “The Value of Contextualization in Health Professions Education” and under this banner it featured 19 national and 17 international speakers. The collaboration of 22 medical institutions, further strengthened the conference’s impact. The event was preceded by 37 pre-conference workshops held from October 26th to November 1st in various institutions.


  1. Facilitate the exchange of current research, best practices, and innovative approaches in health professions education among participants.
  2. Provide a platform for professionals, educators, researchers, and policymakers to connect, collaborate, and build partnerships for future research and educational projects.
  3. Promote discussions on enhancing the quality of education, including curriculum development, assessment strategies, and educational technologies, to ensure optimal learning outcomes.
  4. Explore ways to integrate emerging technologies and innovative teaching methods into health profession education, promoting interactive and engaging learning experiences.

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