Prof. Ricardo Leon Borquez
President WFME

Dr. Mandy Moffat

Prof. Susie Schofield

Dr. Ahsan Sethi

Dr. Charles Boelen

Dr. Muhammed Elhady Muhammed Elgasim

Prof. Salman Rawaf
President of the International Association of Medical Colleges

Prof. Gohar Wajid

Dr. Zafar Iqbal

Dr. Mohamed Al-Eraky

Dr. Amir Burney

Dr. Lawrence Sherman

Dr. Majed Wadi

Prof. Azim Mirzazadeh

Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz

Prof. Vishna Devi V. Nadarajah

The University Of Lahore is organizing 7th International Conference on Health Professions Education.
With our exciting lineup of renowned speakers, we are sure ICHPE will offer something of interest for each attendee.

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