Prof. Mahwish Arooj

Prof. Rehan Ahmed Khan

Lt. Col. (R) Dr. Khalid Rahim

Prof. Idrees Anwar

Prof. Noreen Akmal

Prof. Saira Afzal

Prof. Gulfareen Waheed

Prof. Yawar Hayat Khan

Prof. Lubna Baig

Dr. Komal Atta

Prof. Raheela Yasmeen

Dr. Naveed Yousuf

Dr. Usman Mahboob

Dr. Masood Jawaid

Dr. Brekhna Jamil

Prof. Saima Chaudhary

Mr. Shaukat Jawaid

Prof. Muhammad Tariq

The University Of Lahore is organizing 7th International Conference on Health Professions Education.
With our exciting lineup of renowned speakers, we are sure ICHPE will offer something of interest for each attendee.

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