MH Qazi Award for Innovation in Health Professions Education

MH Qazi Award for Innovation in Health Professions Education

Criteria for MH Qazi Award for Innovation in Health Professions Education
The MH Qazi Award for innovation in Health Professions Education (HPE) has been established by the University of Lahore, to promote health professions education in Pakistan. The award is awarded to person/persons, institution/institutions, governmental or non-governmental organization/organizations, who or which has/have made a significant contribution to health professions education in Pakistan.
The award aims at rewarding work that has extended beyond the call of normal duties of a person or organization. It is not intended as an award for mere performance of duties normally expected of a person or organization. In order to be eligible for the award, a person or organization must demonstrate significant contribution to health professions education in Pakistan, beyond the scope of normal/regular responsibilities of the person/organization expected from him/her. The Award is intended for an individual, organization, program, project, or practice that show significant impact on health professions education in Pakistan and/or globally in one or more of the following capacities.
• The person/organization demonstrates innovation in HPE, that is unique, novel, or creative in addressing HPE challenges in Pakistan/globally.
• Plays a leadership role in HPE that leads to a significant change in HPE in Pakistan/globally.
• Shows a significant impact on the professionalization of HPE in Pakistan/globally.
• Conducts research that has significant impact on HPE in Pakistan/globally.
• Advocates and supports HPE that lead to the promotion of the field in HPE institutions and other similar stakeholders.

Terms and Conditions
• The award is intended for Pakistani nationals and organizations/HPE projects in Pakistan only.
• Once a year at ICHPE, the deserving recipient of the award will get it, as decided by the Committee.
• The person/organization must formally apply for the award on prescribed forms.
• One submission may be submitted per member, per team, and per organization annually.

Personal Information

Significant Innovative idea/ technology/ technique/ project/ research/ product/ process
For which nomination is being made.

(Provide supporting documents/ evidence) Area of Innovation: (please tick as appropriate, you may tick more than one)

ResearchTechnology and Process DevelopmentAssessmentTeaching and LearningProgram EvaluationMentoringStudent

IndividualTeam effort (mention role such as Lead/ Member)

Documents to be submitted as single file:
1. Curriculum vitae of the nominee
2. Supporting document provided in this nomination form for information
3. Undertaking by Nominee
I, the undersigned affirm that the above furnished information is correct to the best of my knowledge. I grant to ICHPE the right to copy, reprint, and quote or publish any of the above information as part of its Award program or other public communication.

(Signature of Nominee)
Nominee Full Name: Date:

*Incomplete applications will not be entertained. Applications are evaluated by a blind, peer review process conducted by a panel of experts. The decision of the review panel is final. If in the opinion of the review panel there are no submissions considered suitable during a given year, no innovation Award will be awarded.

In the space below please attach supporting documents in any or all areas of innovation, CV,
and undertaking.