Eligibility Criteria for Nominations

The eligibility criteria for nominations is as follows:
The nominee must be an alumni of University of Lahore (MME Program)
1. Personal Information

2. Academic Qualification

Title/ Nomenclature:
Awarding Institution
Passing Year:
Remarks/ Distinction (If any):

Professional Memberships/ Affiliations (Attach membership evidence)

Institution/ Body
Position/ Role/ Membership
From – To (Year)

Professional/ Job Experience with notable area of expertise (Attach CV focusing on position held at organizations with brief job history)

Position Held
Duration (Year)
Nature of Job/ Area of Expertise

Publications (papers, articles, reports, books etc.) (List max 10 most outstanding publications related to the nominated/ claimed work)

Title of Publication(s)
Type (Book, Paper,Journal Article etc.)
National/ International
Impact Factor(as per HEC Indexing Criteria)

Distinctions/ Awards conferred (National/ International) (List only Professional Honors and Awards which are conferred)

Award/ Honor Title
Notable Area/ Achievement
Year Conferred

Significant work/ Innovative idea/ project/ research/ process/services/ contribution/ achievement(s) for which nomination is being made. (Provide supporting documents/ evidence)

Area of Contribution: (please tick as appropriate)
Academia & ResearchCurriculumAssessmentProgram EvaluationStudent EngagementTechnology and Process Development
Any other

Effort: (please tick as appropriate)
IndividualTeam effort (mention role such as Lead/ Member)
Tangible impact in Socio-economic terms:

Economic term:
Number of beneficiaries/ community:

Documents to be submitted
The following documents are to be submitted
1. Curriculum vitae of the nominee with recent photograph
2. Evidence of honors and awards (list only professional honors and awards that are conferred. Do not
list membership of professional society which is obtained by application)
3. List of publications with evidence
4. Supporting document provided in this nomination form for information
5. Undertaking by Nominee

In the space below please attach supporting documents