PCW#Title FacilitatorVenue
PCW01Scoring performance based assessmentProf. Dr. Jack BouletBoG Boardroom – The University of Lahore
PCW02Medical Writing Mr.Shaukat Jawaid CRIMM Boardroom – The University of CRIMM Boardroom – The University of Lahore
PCW03Strategies for motivating the demotivated studentsDr. Gohar Wajid & Dr.Tayyaba Azhar UCMD Boardroom- The University of Lahore
PCW04Designing a research questionProf.Dr.Junaid SarfrazBOG Side Boardroom
The University of Lahore
PCW05The Eagle has landed: Measuring success Dr.Amina Ahmed UCD
PCW06Self-awarenessDr.Shoaib Services Institute of Medical Sciences
PCW07Leadership skills Prof.Dr.Idrees Anwar CMH – Medical & Dental College
PCW08Teaching medical professionalismDr. Mohamed al ErakyFatima Jinnah Medical University
PCW09Curriculum Mapping Prof. Dr. Lubna BaigLahore Medical & Dental College
PCW10ProfessionalismDr.Brekhna PESSI
PCW11Basic radiological skills Dr. Zahid Pervaiz
Dr.Faiza Farooq
Lifelong learning center UOLTH- The University of Lahore
PCW12Effective and timely feedback to learners in clinical rotations essential but often missingProf. Dr.Muhammad Tariq Avicenna Medical College
PCW13Conducting effective teaching sessions Dr.Sonia Ijaz Haider Avicenna Medical College
PCW14Research Café : Developing a research proposalDr.Ahsan Sethi University of Health Sciences
PCW15Developing and conducting an integrated lecture(session 1) (This workshop has two sessions: Morning (PCW 15) & Evening Dr.Moyn Ali Computer lab CS- The University of Lahore
PCW16Developing a synopsisDr.Sumera BadarRashid Latif Medical College


PCW#Title FacilitatorVenue
PCW17Utilizing web 2.0 application as formative assessment toolDr.Anisa Ahmad BoG Boardroom- The University of Lahore
PCS 18 SeminarTips to get into a residency program Prof. Dr.Asim Mehmood Auditorium 2 – The University of Lahore
PCW19Writing a qualitative research proposal Prof. Dr.Junaid Sarfraz BoG Side boardroom – The University of Lahore
PCW20Transforming lecture to active learning experienceProf. Dr.Idrees Anwar CMH- Medical & Dental College
PCW21Development of a questionnaire for educational research Dr. Ambreen Khalid & Dr. Khalid Rahim UCMD Boardroom-University College of Medicine & Dentistry
PCW22How to detect and avoid scientific misconduct and plagiarism in medical research and writing Dr. Farooq Rathore Lifelong learning center – UOLTH – University of Lahore
PCW23How to develop an innovative quality research proposal from idea to action plan Prof. Dr. Rahilla Yasmeen University of Health Sciences
PCW24Developing and conducting an integrated lecture. (Session 2)(This workshop has two sessions: Morning (PCW 15) & Evening (PCW 24) Dr. Moyn AliComputer Lab-CS-The University of Lahore
PCW25Peer review Mr. Shaukat Jawaid CRIMM Boardroom-The University of Lahore
PCW26Cosmetology in Dermatology Prof. Dr .Atif Kazmi ULTH-Academic center- The University of Lahore
PCW27Construction of optimum SEQsProf. Dr. Amir BashirShalimar Medical and dental College